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4 Benefits of Using Videos for Marketing



Most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allow you to post stories that will disappear after 24h. These stories are actually great opportunities for you and your business as it is simple and cheap to create, and they allow you to speak directly to your target audience. Of course, for your stories to be effective, you need to have or are building a social media following. 



Live Videos 

In recent years, live videos have grown in popularity. Livestream functionality has now been included on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, allowing businesses to stream live content. According to Facebook, live streaming receives six times the number of interactions as regular videos. Hence, hosting livestream can actually help businesses in increasing engagement and reaching out to a wide audience.





Webinars are another excellent way to communicate to your target audience. A webinar is typically a slide deck presentation conducted through video calls.



Webinars can be used to test a product with existing, answer specific questions about your product and services that customers may have, establishing yourself as an authority.



Due to its ability to interact and engage audiences directly, this type of video is an excellent tool for converting your audience from free trials or content to paid offers.



In today’s world, softwares like GoToWebinar or Livestorm makes it simple for businesses to host or even automate webinars. Hence, businesses can hold webinars with ease and at their own convenience.


4. Improve Your SEO

Research has found that high-quality video content can improve audience’s engagement level and interest, which can lead to traffic to your website. This is important because Google’s primary ranking factors include traffic and click-through rates. The more visitors and clicks your website receives, you will be pushed up the rank on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). 

Video also makes SEO easier as it is responsive across different types of devices. Many video providers, like YouTube and Vimeo, can also adjust to various screen sizes and are mobile-friendly, allowing your video to reach a larger audience. 

In SERP, Google’s algorithm is also favouring pages with video content. Hence, making it even more important for businesses to incorporate videos into their digital marketing strategy. 


In conclusion, with the growing demand for video and its tremendous value in marketing, it is clear that video content marketing has created many opportunities for your business and can be useful in helping you to reach a large audience, increase conversions and ultimately, grow your business. If your company does not incorporate this into your digital marketing strategy, you could fall behind your competitors. 

If you’re looking to do video content marketing for your business but aren’t sure where and how to do it, do contact us here and we’d be glad to help you.

What You Should Do When Building A Website

Hello Business Owners and Friends!


Do you think that a company’s website design is important?

Well, a well-designed website can help you to make a strong first impression on potential customers. It can also help you engage your leads and increase conversion rates. More importantly, a good user experience website that allows visitors to easily access and explore your website can increase customer liking and satisfaction towards your brand.


Here are 4 things you should do when building your website:

1. Tell Your Story

2. Include Visual Elements

A picture speaks a thousand words.


If your website is full of words and content and does not have any visual elements like photos or videos, you will just lose your audience’s attention. Visuals can improve user experience and make important information more digestible.


Hence, including visual elements in your website can help you build a deeper connection with your website users.

3. Highlight Your Achievements

Website is a great place to build trust. Let your customers know about your past achievements, awards, certifications, and any collaborations you have had with other brands


To potential customers or clients, it instills trust in them by demonstrating your credibility through the case studies and achievements. 


To existing customers and clients, they may feel valued since they can see how active you are and how highly they are regarded when you share what they have to say about you to the public. This might increase their sense of satisfaction and attachment to your brand. Hence, you may gain lifelong customers.

4. Make Your Website Relevant To Your Target Market

Make sure that the message on your website is focused and the terms used are professional so that you will attract the right audience and leave a good impression in your visitor’s mind.


You should also ensure that your website is well-written and engaging. Poorly written text with grammatical and spelling errors may give your audience the impression that you’re unprofessional and may cause them to leave without exploring your pages.

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