Before we answer that question, you have to first, understand what exactly is a Marketing Agency. Marketing Agencies can come in various specializations and disciplines, such as Full-Service agencies, Creative agencies, Brand consultancies, SEO agencies, Content marketing agencies, and the list goes on. In essence, Marketing Agencies are fundamental service providers helping your business to plan, design, and execute marketing strategies and/or activities to achieve your business goals.

In this post, we would like to highlight 4 ways (out of many) a Marketing Agency can help a Business by:

  • Serving as a Brand Consultant
  • Videography Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Social Media Marketing

1) Serving as a Branding Consultant

Branding Consultant, or a Marketing Agency which provides this service, deals with the fundamental strategic orientation of a company and its brand, redefining its brand positioning and communicating that change to customers. Through this service, your business would be able to attain a competitive advantage along with a differentiated brand identity and marketing strategy, which would strengthen your market positioning and take it to the next level. It is no doubt, a complex recipe for success; but if done right, you can potentially surpass your competitors and stay on the right track!

This service generally includes market research, brand audits, augmented brand strategies along with the respective new guidelines, and is complemented with accompanying marketing collaterals, such as videos, visuals, designs, and digital content – which would be touched on in the following points.

2) Videography Services

When it comes to content, video marketing is increasingly more important. Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, consumers love videos! Videos are able to better evoke a whole range of emotions than any other marketing materials and they make great storytellers. As a result, videos possess a higher ability to grab the eye’s attention and it is a perfect opportunity to promote your business while your audience is glued to the screen. Videos also serve as a great complement to your marketing and brand collaterals, helping to increase your brand awareness and support a variety of marketing and business goals, etc.

Producing captivating and valuable video content, however, requires professional planning, production, and editing, which is what a Video Agency, or a Marketing Agency which provides this service, would be able to do – bring your stories to life and effectively communicate the desired message across through professional, captivating and valuable video content.

3) Graphic Design Services

Visuals play a huge role in today’s competitive world of business, and the first impression matters. Visuals not only play an essential role in creating a strong first impression, but it is also crucial in creating a strong brand identity – just take a look at Apple and Coca-Cola for example. Great design can greatly enhance the value of your marketing collaterals and effortlessly set your business apart. Whether you have a small business or are running a large corporation, your logo, the look of your website, the mobile app, or your digital marketing collaterals all help your business stand out from its competition and help convey the underlying message of your intended concept and idea through visuals. And what is it that differentiates your business from the others; it is the unique visual.

Unsure of what design best suits your business or brand, or have absolutely no design or artistic background? Fret not as a Design/Creative Agency or a Marketing agency providing Graphic Design Services is able to craft out beautiful and bespoke graphic designs best suited for your business/brand!

4) Social Media Marketing

With billions of users on social media platforms, it offers immense opportunities for business growth, and you can’t afford to not leverage these platforms.

Be it organic posts or paid social media advertisements, you would be able to potentially reach out to hundreds or thousands (sometimes even millions!) of people, and it is up to your content and strategy to connect and engage with the right audience, therefore, driving further online traffic and increasing sales.

Social Media Marketing agency or a Marketing Agency providing this service would be able to help create suitable and comprehensive social media marketing strategies for your business, comprising of social media calendars, creative marketing content, lead generation & funnelling, social media analytics, reports, and insights, etc. and help your business achieve long-term growth.

There is a myriad of other services provided by Marketing Agencies in general that are not touched on here, including but not limited to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.; but only 4 particular services were mentioned – yes that’s right, these 4 services are the ones WE specialize in.

Our Strategy Management and Branding & Marketing arm, Mattherns Media, aims to unleash business potential through digital marketing optimization, social media campaigns, branding, and marketing development strategies. We firmly believe that every brand has a story to tell and through our profound insights and killer strategies accompanied with bespoke marketing collaterals of premium quality – captivating video content, striking brochures, and unforgettable brand logos – we seek to help brands attain differentiation, strengthen their market position, and drive long-term growth. We also understand the ins and outs of Social Media and we are ready to harness its power in this shifting digital landscape.

In all, we recommend you focus on doing what you do best and leave it to us, the dedicated marketing professionals to grow your business exponentially!