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See how Rick overcome his financial difficulties and personal relationship issue and eventually got his Bachelor of Science in Finance. SUSS provide him with the pathway and strong support to do so.

Rick eventually became a recipient of the SUSS scholarship award.

Part 2: Michael Adam

Michael is a professional football coach in Singapore. He is one of the mature student who strongly believe in upgrading himself constantly. It was not a smooth-sailing journey but he perseveres and overcome all his difficulties and eventually made it.

He has graduated from SUSS in Bachelor of Sports and PE with Psychology. After this, he intends to pursue his Master’s and hope that by doing this, he can inspire the kids and students to join him on pursuing higher education.

Part 3: BANNA Govardhana

Banna has a “make ideas work” mindset. Which is making what he learnt useful, and apply it into real life scenario. He studied Doctor Philosophy in Engineering from SUSS, with the inspiration to increase the productivity of the aviation manufacturing industry in Singapore.

He faced several challenges on the publication papers at first, but the classmates and professors in SUSS supported him and he managed to overcome it. The lively environment of SUSS also allow him to open up himself to contribute many good ideas to the table and eventually help him grow.


Nathaniel is quite a philosophical person who has often searching for his purpose in life. He is a passionate teacher during weekdays and hardworking student during weekends.

He enjoyed having great conversations with his professors in his course, and they also motivates him with their positive aspect in live. With that, he persevere and overcome all odds to work and study at the same time.

He has finally graduated with Bachelor with Honors in the English Language and Literature from SUSS.


Sara always had a dream of standing up in court, presenting her case by herself and conduct her cross examination all by herself. She applied for the SUSS School of Law very first LLB class and got accepted.

Having to juggle school, work and family was a challenge. However she have met several great people in her life who helped her overcome the challenges.

After 5 years, she has finally made it. She walked away with huge confidence and with no regrets!

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